So you might be wondering who we are right about now, well... let me tell you!  Growing up in Michigan I was always surrounded by lakes, golf courses, and landfills that were transformed into ski resorts…pretty resourceful people I must say, and it was here in Michigan where my love for watersports and boating was born. The midwest summer weather, in combination with a large number of lakes, and a family ski boat provided the perfect setting to fall in love with all things watersports.  I moved to Tahoe back in 2004 with my family and shortly after arriving I was gifted the opportunity to meet, learn, and work with some of Tahoe’s legends in the waterskiing community. It was here where my passion for watersports grew even larger, and it was here where my professional career in watersports began. After nearly 10 years of working and learning from some of the best around I was provided the opportunity to start up KJ’s watersports and it’s been a dream come true ever since! In the off season when I’m not in the water instructing I spend my days as the Head Coach for the Kirkwood Freeride Team(s).  My love for teaching and being able to share my passions with other is something I hold dear to my heart. I’d love to be given the opportunity to share it with you too, so come on and jump in the water me. I promise we’ll have a great time!